Monday, July 26

Maricopa County Audit Finds Tens Of Thousands Of Invalid Votes, Discrepancies On Voter Rolls

Doug Logan, The CEO of Cyber Ninjas, testified in front of the Arizona State Senate about major discrepancies being found concerning the the Maricopa County Voter Rolls. According to Logan, more than 11,000 names were not included on voter rolls during November, but appeared on the December voter rolls. These names, according to the results of the audit, are of people that voted in the November election.

Logan informed the Senate of his findings in the hearing saying,

“We have also seen some interesting things related to the voter roles. For instance we have 11,326 people that did not show up on the November 7th version of the voter rolls, after votes were cast, but then [those very same names] appeared on the December 4th version of the voter rolls. Just to be clear, they show as voted in this past election but they were not in the November 7th version of the files. [Then] they did show up on the December 4th version of the files. I cannot think of a logical explanation of why this would happen but it would be great to hear back from the County as to why this happened.”

In addition, Logan talked about how his team discovered that nearly 4,000 individuals who voted in the election registered to vote after the deadline, which should have invalidated those votes.

“In Arizona, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs had requested that the registration date for voting be moved up to¬† Election Day and it was. There was actually a court case that moved the registration deadline back to October 15. Based on the¬†registration that we found in the voter rolls 3,980 individuals who show as voted in this election, they were registered after October 15.”

Logan also discovered some interesting information about tens of thousands of names that were removed from the voter rolls immediately following the 2020 election,

“We have roughly 20,000 people who voted in the election and then the data shows that they were removed from the voter rolls soon after the election. So they were on the voter rolls, they showed as voted and then they were removed. There could be a good logical explanation for that but it seems like a large number to be removed. So getting more documentation seems logical in addition to canvasing could help validate that information.”