Wednesday, July 28

Maricopa County Audit Continues, Auditors Beef Up Operations, Say Audit Is Secured By Armed Guards

In Maricopa County, auditors are back inside the coliseum and beefing up their efforts to complete their audit of the November election.

Forty-four tables were set up Sunday which will be used for ballot counting and 32 tables were set up for ballot inspection. The forensics audit team moved the county’s 2.1 million ballots back into the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum this weekend.

The ballots were being kept in a storage building on the fairgrounds property as the audit had to take a 9 day pause due to pre-scheduled graduations Even so the former Secretary of State and Former Arizona State Senate President Ken Bennett said that security of the ballots and the machines has always been a top priority saying it has armed security standing guard at all times.

“Immediately upon receiving machines the pallets and equipment were taken into locked cages and there are only two people who have keys to that. We found some counter slips in one of the boxes in between the ballots that did have voter names and addresses. For reasons of security we took those out and put those 1,000 pages in another box. We have secured equipment and ballots in boxed cages that is monitored 24/7 by live-streamed video. Armed security stands guard over ballots and equipment. We have armed security at doors of the building and outer areas of the property where you don’t get close to the building unless your name is on the list of needing to be there for the right reasons. “

In addition, there are 9 cameras of the audit floor and ballot storage area that are live-streamed 24/7, and accountability cameras are set up over each counting table that aim straight down at the table catching both the people and the ballots.

This, according to the forensic audit team, creates a full digital trail of anything that happens on the audit floor. About half a million ballots have already been inspected and counted and the auditors hope to be done with the audit in June.