Wednesday, June 16

Maricopa Board Refuses To Comply With Subpoena, Admits ‘Election Mishaps’ In Arizona

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are saying they will not comply with a judge approved subpoena, and turn election routers over to the forensic audit team. This in a special meeting that was held where the Board also said that they will not allow the forensic audit team to inspect the routers, even if those routers remain in the custody of election officials.

As for the passwords requested by the Arizona State Senate on behalf of Cyber-Ninjas, who is conducting the audit, the board confirmed that they do not have the passwords, they’re in the possession of Dominion and Dominion is refusing to provide those passwords to the audit team – even though Dominion has provided the passwords to audit teams that the Board previously selected to conduct audits in Maricopa county.

Recorder Stephen Richer spoke during the hour long meeting outlining the board’s response to the requests for information and answers made by Senate President Karen Fann. He started out by admitting that Arizona’s largest county – has had major quote election mishaps in the past – once in 2016 and once in 2018 – in one instance technical malfunctions shut down at least 62 voting machines in the county, leaving voters scrambling to find another polling place many of whom did not get the opportunity to vote.

Those on the left called for an investigation into the election issues. In another instance media outlets -at the time – described one primary as an “utter disaster” which led to voters booing election officials and demanding they resign. Those on the left classifying the issues as a “botched election.” At the conclusion of the meeting the board unanimously decided that they will not attend the Arizona State Senate meeting that is being livestreamed today accusing the senate in engaging in political theater – something they said they will not be a part of.

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